Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spirit transfer!!

I love this spirit transfer I did of a photograph I've taken! Check it out!

Almost time to go back home!

It's officially Wednesday which means its only two more days till I have to leave to go home to Melbourne! I've had an amazing time and learnt a lot while I've been here! Plus I'll be back up in Sydney in April!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Right now I'm loving images with quotes on them! Check this one out!

Shop till you drop

So far my first day at shop till you drop has been great! Spent most of my time in the fashion cupboard! So many beautiful clothes!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ahhh shopping!!

So I have been in Sydney less than 6 hours and I have ALREADY bought a pair of shoes, would have been two if they had my size in the second pair! I picked up these super cute booties from freelance shoes for $39, can't get much better than that!

Ciao, MFB xxx

Yum cupcakes!

First few hours in sydney! Why my indulge in a beautiful looking cupcake from the cupcake bakery! Yummy!


I have officially arrived in Sydney, well I'm still at the airport waiting for the train, but that's not the point! I have already eyed off a pair of shoes I like so my second stop after the hotel will be freelance & wanted shoes!!

Ciao MFB xxx

To airport to airport

Oh how much fun it is waiting at the airport! I always get excited when I'm here because I know I'm going somewhere nice! Next time I post I'll be in sydney!

Ciao! MFB xx

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Look out Sydney! I have straight hair ;)

Wow how I love being able to switch my hair between curly and straight so easily! Plus - I look really different. I personally think I look older with straight hair!
Heading out to dinner tonight.
Playsuit - bought in Malaysia at night markets for $5 Australian! Not bad!
Earrings: Flick Pope!

Oh the joys of being female!

Well, my day started off with a trip to the beauty salon for a quick eye brow wax! Ouchy!
Now I am sitting in the hair dressers waiting to get my foils in so I don't have to look at my horrible re growth everyday! Thank god! So I am getting prepared to spend 4 hours in this one chair! Such an effort, but the end result is definitely worth it! I can't wait to get it straightened at the end, so I will be all classy and sophisticated for my work experience at Shop Till You Drop on Monday!
I'll post later with the end result :)

Love MFB!

Friday, 24 February 2012

MFB hitting Sydney on Sunday! Watch out Sydney ;)

I am officially ridiculously excited, I am jetting off to Sydney on Sunday to do a week of work experience at Shop Till You Drop, I also did work experience at Cosmo last October and am doing MORE work experience at Cleo in April!
I sure am one lucky girl! I love knowing that I am getting my foot in the door in the fashion industry!
I have planned out all my outfits to wear, so I will take daily pictures of them for you and you all can tell me what you think!

Much love, MFB

I am mildly obsessed with blazers!

WOWWEE! I sure do look different with straight hair! But its so great to be able to swap between the two! Although straightening my curly hair sure is an effect! I usually leave it to the hairdressers who do it best! What do you guys think? Liking the straight hair, or hating it? Either way - let me know!

I absolutely adore this blazer, I bought it while I was meant to be "researching" a project, instead I found myself in Lenko trying on super cute blazers!
The soft colours are just stunning!
Best bit yet, it was only $99 dollars, what a bargain!
Brand: Staple


Hi guys!
I just joined twitter! It's official, I think I am going to get addicted to it already!
Follow me and I will return the favour!!/MelbFashionBlog

Fashion forward jewellery on the Mornington Peninsula!

Many of you might not know this incredible jewellery designer as she is more well known on the Mornington Peninsula than in the inner city suburbs! But saying that I have been stopped a few times in Prahran with people admiring my amazing pieces!
Flick Pope makes hand made jewellery, which means each piece is slightly different, she can also custom make something for you if you like.
Although her jewellery is on the expensive side, it is worth every penny to pick up one of these amazing pieces!
The main stockist of her jewellery range is Pomme in Mornington! I definitely would recommend getting down there and having a look at her collection, like right now!

Night night my little budding fashionista! I hope you have enjoyed my first few posts!


Shoes shoes shoes!

Check out these beauties I received as a Christmas gift! Amazing style and colour! You can never go wrong with Tony Bianco's!

One for the ladies!

Remember this girls! It's 100% true! Everyone is beautiful in their own special way <3

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Facebook with perks!!

I recently entered a competition to win a $250 voucher to clothing label INCYDA! And my competitive side came out in full force and of course, I won! I know will be receiving this super gorgeous cropped jumper in a week or two valued at $129.95. Check out INCYDA's beautiful clothing on their Facebook page!

Ciao, Melbourne Fashion Blogger

Hello I'm Melbourne Fashion Blogger

Hello and Welcome!
I was told that I should start a blog today because I have a unique look that I should share with the world.
I hope you will read this and give me feedback!

Dress: Just Jeans
Necklace: Flick Pope