Thursday, 5 April 2012

Designer Soles

Hi dolls! Tonight I tried out the product "Designer Soles". I thought it may be quite tricky to put the adhesive soles on the shoes, but I was COMPLETELY wrong! It was very simple and quit, the small stanley knife that comes with your Designer Soles is incredibly easy to use and does not cut into your shoes at all! I felt like I was strutting around in Louboution's which was absolutely amazing!
Designer Soles are a fantastic concept and look absolutely great for any occasion! They also come in many different colours, they also fit to any heel!
Red Soles come in a set of three for only $19.99! You can also get patterned sets of three for $24.95 and now a multi pack of three different designs! It doesn't get much better than that!
Designer Soles can truly spice up your outfit in one easy step and make you look and feel like a complete princess!

I would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking about trying them out to buy a pair! You will not regret it! In fact, I'm so in love with mine I'm still wearing them as we speak!
Jump onto the website now to buy your first set of Designer Soles, I'm sure that once you buy one pair, you will want one in every colour and pattern!

Ciao, MelbourneFashionDiary xxx

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