Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tips from amazing Make up Artists!

These two incredible make up artists have been absolutely amazing and spoke about their best basic make up tips that all of us can do to improve our make up skills and make yourself look like a star!

1 - Always prep the face with a face primer to even out the skin.

2 - Keep eyebrows in good shape by using a shadow to fill in any gas as it's softer than a pencil.

3 - When testing lip sticks don't use the back of your hand to test colour, use your finger tip as the colour is closer to your lip colour for testing than your hand.

These three great tips come from Adrian Keith Lampard, you can find out more about Adrian on his website and also get Adrian to do your make up for a special event!

1 - Skin preparation is the most important step to creating a glowing complexion and foundation that will last all day and night.

2 - Start by gently washing your skin with warm water, avoiding any scrubbing. Rinse afterwards with cold water to tighten pores and refresh the skin, then pat dry. Apply moisturiser with your fingertips in an upward and outward motion, and let it sink in before starting with any make up.

3 - Next is your best ket secret; a silicone based primer which will glide over the skin to minimise pores and fine lines, protect your skin from environmental damage and keep it looking hydrated. My favourites are Gorgeous Cosmetics and Laura Mercier for all skin types. Apply a small amount (a little goes a long way) using your fingertips or brush and let it soak in too. You are now ready for foundation! Best of all a primer will keep your foundation on all day and night!

These fab tips come from the amazing Tristen Alexandra! Want Tristen to do your make up for an event! Click on the facebook page for more details!

So there you have it ladies! Tips from masters of make up! No reason we all shouldn't be looking fabulous now!

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