Monday, 25 June 2012


Rider Cosmetics,

I know what your all thinking "everyone spruces a product that they HAVEN'T even tried". Well this is completely incorrect about Rider Cosmetics product "Instant Limp Plumper", I was lucky enough to try this genius product out at home. I found this compact lip plumper to be heaven in a little tube, being someone who wasn't blessed with lovely plump lips, I now can have them and all from a lipgloss! Who would have thought such amazing results could be achieved through a non-surgical procedure! Let's face it, not all of us can afford to pay thousands of dollars on our lips! Well Rider now brings you fuller gorgeous plump lips that will make Angelina Jolie seriously jealous of your pout!!

I know what you are all thinking? How does Rider Cosmetics Instant Lip Plumper work?

Well, When Instant Lip Plumper is applied, microspheres fill 
in lines and creases in your lips, naturally swelling 
them with hydration.

The main ingredient that Rider Cosmetics have put in this product to plump your pout is Hyaluronic Acid for its high water-retaining capacity and therefore an instant significant increase in the volume of your lips. Hyaluronic Acid mircospheres are known to be just as effective as the components used in injections! WOW! 

Now you can all have amazingly plump lips for the price of $49.00! Now that is just incredible!

Rider Cosmetics also have many other products that you should all check out!
You can buy and look at the products on their website and Facebook page!
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